Ghislaine Maxwell Found Children For Jeffrey Epstein To Assault And Trump Just Wished Her Well

by Madison Vanderberg
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Ghislaine Maxwell FoundChildren For Jeffrey Epstein To Assault And Trump Just Wished Her Well: Trump...
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Donald Trump says “I wish her well” when someone asked him about Ghislaine Maxwell at a White House briefing

On Tuesday, July 22, 2020, Donald Trump reinstated the short-lived coronavirus briefings and during last night’s briefing, President Trump pivoted to a topic we would have assumed he would desperately try to avoid. Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell is facing federal charges for helping Jeffrey Epstein recruit and sexually abuse girls and last night during the coronavirus briefing, Trump — who has been photographed partying with both Maxwell and Epstein — addressed her recent arrest by saying, “I wish her well.”

Epstein allegedly ran a child sex-trafficking ring and Maxwell was his lead recruiter and also allegedly participated in and was present for much of the abuse. During his life, Epstein was photographed with many high-profile individuals (including Donald and Melania Trump) and since he died in prison before his trial, many are now wondering if Maxwell will give up the names of the powerful men who may have also taken part in the trafficking ring.

“I don’t know,” Trump said when a reporter asked him if he thought Maxwell would reveal the names of other men who may have been involved. “I haven’t really been following it too much. I just wish her well, frankly.”

“I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach, and I guess they lived in Palm Beach,” the president continued. “But I wish her well, whatever it is.”

Just so we’re all on the same page here. Maxwell is a monster who facilitated and participated in the sexual abuse of children and the president of the United States just wished her well…on TV…from the White House. He didn’t condemn her behavior, he said, “I wish her well.” What?!?! Republicans!? Where are you and why aren’t you outraged!!!

Last year when Epstein was arrested, Trump attempted to distance himself from the accused pedophile saying, “I had a falling-out with him. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. I was not a fan of his, that I can tell you.” However, in a 2002 interview with New York magazine, the president said that Epstein is “a lot of fun to be with” and that “he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

At this point, I don’t know what it will take to get people to stop supporting this corrupt president. Nobody seemed to care about all the women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct, but maybe — just maybe, Trump’s base might get irate over the fact that Trump is sympathizing with a pedophile’s accomplice. Anyway, mull that over…the election is in three months.

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