Trump Attacks LeBron James On Twitter And The Internet Isn't Having It

by Cassandra Stone

Trump directly insults LeBron James’ intelligence, which, come on

In response to a CNN interview where LeBron James offered his commentary on Trump’s divisiveness, the President of the United States did what he does best — took to his Twitter account to throw out a particularly low insult.

In the interview, LeBron tells Lemon he feels Trump uses athletics as a weapon to “divide” the country — something LeBron says he can’t relate to because he’s always known sports as something that brings people together.

Trump, who most certainly uses athletics as a divisive weapon in his arsenal of racist manipulation tactics (see: his commentary on national anthem protests, his attacks on winning sports teams that don’t want to go to the White House to meet him, etc.), apparently took a break from round-the-clock Fox News coverage last night.

Directed at both CNN’s Don Lemon — who conducted the interview — and LeBron himself, Trump once again showed us all who he really is: a racist, insecure asshole who can’t stand it that most celebrities despise him.

This coming after a huge week in the news for LeBron — who opened up his amazing I Promise school on Monday — is telling. Trump can’t handle it when anyone garners more headlines than he does, especially if they’re positive. And especially if the person earning national praise is a black athlete.

Naturally, the internet isn’t having any of Trump’s nonsense today.

Even Don Lemon weighed in with the sad, brutal truth.

LeBron has yet to offer a reaction to Trump’s latest Twitter rant, but it seems like people everywhere have his back. As for Michael Jordan, the “Mike” Trump apparently “likes,” no word yet on how he feels about being brought into the President’s pettiness.