Trump Tells Paralympians They're 'Tough To Watch'

by Cassandra Stone
Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Paralympics organization put Trump in his place for his awful comment

During an event honoring Olympians and Paralympians at the White House, our president did what he always does — somehow managed to turn what should have been a nice event into another occasion to shove his foot in his mouth.

When addressing the Paralympic athletes in particular, Trump offered up one of his most cringe-worthy moments yet:

“What happened with the Paralympics was so incredible and so inspiring to me. And I watched — it’s a little tough to watch too much ― but I watched as much as I could.”

You know what’s more than “a little tough to watch?” LITERALLY EVERYTHING TRUMP DOES AND SAYS. Our entire nation is just one giant, collective stomach ulcer because of this asshole. Who has proven time and again he has absolutely zero empathy or understanding of how to talk to human beings with disabilities.

His words — his insulting, harmful, and ableist words — caused a well-deserved uproar, so much so that the Paralympics organization used Trump’s own words in their response.

“Record numbers around the world are not finding Paralympics tough to watch. Billions of viewers now take in the Paralympics in hundreds of countries around the world.”

Many notable Olympians, like figure skater Adam Rippon, skipped out on the White House event.

Rippon wasn’t alone in his disgust. While Trump surely says and does insulting, vile things on a consistent basis — humiliating Paralympians at an event intended to honor their athletic ability didn’t exactly sit well with, well, literally anyone.

Remember when Trump openly mocked a reporter with disabilities during his campaign? And we still elected him to run our country? Right. Though this is in no way surprising or out of character, it serves as another unwelcome reminder that when it comes to the Trump administration, none of this is normal and we can’t treat it as such by ignoring it.