Trump Begs Suburban Women To Like Him And They're All, NOPE

by Christina Marfice
Jeff Swensen/Getty

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Trump asked suburban women to “please like me.” In the polls and on social media, suburban women are saying NOPE

Well, at least Donald Trump seems to know that he’s in trouble with some of the demographics that helped him win the presidency in 2016. At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania this week, he appealed — very bluntly — to suburban (read: “white”) women, one of the major demographics that helped secure him the electoral college in the last election. There’s just one problem: This time around, white women appear to have seen the light.

“Suburban women, would you please like me? Please. Please,” Trump begged at the rally. “I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?”

We have a number of questions here. First, what exactly is Trump claiming to have “saved” the suburbs from? All he’s done there is make it more difficult for developers to build low-income housing by repealing President Barack Obama’s fair housing rule that aimed to reduce discrimination, essentially creating a barrier to more diverse people moving into some suburban neighborhoods. But also, why does the president appear under the impression that suburbs are glittering bastions of snowy whiteness? Suburbs are just like any other part of America: representative of all the people who live here. Despite Trump’s continued attempts to sabotage the Census, even the last one will show that suburbs are home to all kinds of people who aren’t white women.

But, anyhoo.

Trump’s appeal smacks of his desperation, and for good reason. Polls show his approval ratings — and his share of the vote — absolutely plunging in the suburbs, especially among women.

Of course this isn’t the first time he brought up this particular demographic and the racist dog whistle he once again trotted out. Here are his disgusting tweets from when he bragged about repealing the Obama-era housing rule.

And on social media, women were quick to answer his plea, and they didn’t sugarcoat things. For the pussy-grabbing president, it’s gonna be a big nah from us.

Some pointed out just a few of the very obvious reasons suburban women might not support Trump this time around, like his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and his policy of separating migrant families at the southern border.

Others have had the same question I did: What exactly is he claiming to have saved the suburbs from?

But what it all comes down to is pretty much this: Trump knows he needs white women to win this election, but white women are pretty much collectively like, “NOPE!”

And it’s about time. Women who voted for Trump in 2016 were actively voting against their interests, handing power to a misogynist who wants to govern our bodies and has been accused dozens of times of sexual assault and rape. Have we learned our lesson, white women? Let’s not do it again this year, thanks.