Trump Boards Air Force One With Toilet Paper On His Shoe, Because Of Course

by Christina Marfice
Image via MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Why didn’t anyone tell Trump about this?

If you, like me, read the headlines and just feel your ability to give a shit slowly slip away, take solace in knowing you’re not alone. Not only have basically all Americans given up hope that anything will right the apocalyptic nightmare we’re living through. Apparently, everyone on Donald Trump’s team has also lost their ability to care anymore.

Because somehow, they just let him board Air Force One, in full view of news cameras and a crowd of people, with a long piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

The strip of TP trailed behind him as Trump climbed the stairs onto Air Force One. He was clearly oblivious, even stopping at the top of the stairs and turning to wave to the crowd gathered below. Who were probably all staring at his toilet paper shoe tail.

It’s the moment of levity we all needed today. Because let me reiterate. The president. Got out of a limo. And boarded his private plane. All with a soggy, fluttery, substantially-sized length of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

And no one told him.

Obviously, people wondered how on Earth this happened.

Others had theories.

And then the fact that this year’s Halloween will probably be a minefield of people dressed as toilet paper now.

Naturally, this happened as Trump was en route to a Make America Great Again rally in Minnesota. Because yes, he’s still having those rallies, even though it’s not campaign season. Never mind the fact that they’re still “Make America Great Again” rallies when, hasn’t Trump promised he would do that by now? Make America Great Again?

Oh, wait. The country with the president who was the literal laughingstock of the United Nations less than a week before sparking a viral video of a toilet paper mishap isn’t great again? Huh. Who would have guessed.