Trump Proves He Has No Idea How Halloween Works During WH Trick-Or-Treat

by Christina Marfice
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Not even Halloween is safe from being screwed up by Donald and Melania Trump

Halloween isn’t a particularly hard concept to grasp. Everyone dresses up in costumes. Kids go door-to-door, yell “Trick or treat,” and have candy deposited into their baskets or bags or pillow cases or whatever they’re using to collect the holiday’s spoils. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. But leave it to Donald and Melania Trump to screw it up.

The White House held its annual trick-or-treat event, which invites community kids to stop by to receive their Halloween treats from the president rather than just their neighbors, something that should be a little bit of light fun for everyone involved. But not all the kids who attended this year actually got their treats, as shown by video from the event that proves Trump doesn’t fully grasp the concept of Halloween, particularly the part where you’re supposed to give the candy to the children.

In the video, he and Melania greet a kid who’s wearing a giant, inflatable Minion costume. The child is clearly carrying a bag for their candy, but instead of putting candy bars in it, first Donald places it on top of the kid’s costume, where they can’t reach it. Melania follows suit, and the poor kid has to walk away as their candy falls off their head onto the ground. What is even going on here?

To make matters even worse, the Trumps were in such a rush to do Halloween completely wrong for this kid, they fully ignored the little boy in a Spider-Man costume standing next to the Minion. He stood there looking kind of bewildered for a minute, then wandered off without any candy in his bucket or on his head. This is not how Halloween is supposed to work.

Twitter wasted no time in roasting the president for not understanding how to give candy to kids.

It’s not terribly surprising that Trump completely failed at this simple interaction with a child, considering his track record with kids. Keep in mind that this is the president who kicked a supporter out of one of his rallies because her baby was crying. Yep, that baby had the audacity to do exactly what babies do, and Trump wouldn’t allow that to continue. Not on his watch, not in his presence.

There’s also the time he talked about banning e-cigarettes because “Melania’s got a son.” Never mind that that’s purportedly his son, too.

Oh, and remember when Trump openly and cruelly mocked Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old kid, on Twitter? You should, that one was just a few weeks ago.

Well, that settles that. No more events with kids for Trump — for the poor kids’ sake.