Videos Of Trumpers Crying After Being Kicked Off Flights From DC Go Viral

by Madison Vanderberg

A number of videos showing Trumpers getting kicked off flights after the D.C. attacks have gone viral

After a group of white nationalists stormed the U.S. Capitol in an act of domestic terrorism last week, a bunch of Trumpers who traveled to D.C. ahead of the coup are now going viral as a mass wave of videos showing Trumpers being kicked off flights leaving D.C. are popping up all over social media lately. In every video, the Trumpers throw tantrums like little babies as they are hauled off the planes and it is oddly satisfying to watch these people face literally any consequence for their behavior.

Many compiling the videos online are claiming that these people have been placed on the FBI’s “no fly lists” due to their actions at the Capitol, however, CNN reports that the FBI has not confirmed if this is actually the case and airline groups are actually reporting that most of these people in MAGA hats are being kicked off flights from D.C. for refusing to wear masks and starting fights and altercations on the plane, which tracks, because remember — these are Trumpers; not wearing masks and causing a scene is kind of their MO.

The video that started it all featured this adult man screaming like a child, “This is what they do to us! They kicked me off the plane! They called me a terrorist!”

Similar videos began to spread on social media showing belligerent and racist individuals screaming as they are being cuffed.

Others show other passengers clapping as they escort MAGA-types off the plane.

This woman in the red jacket was escorted off her flight and then later appeared in another viral video crying in the terminal with a group of other MAGA Karens who were also, presumably, kicked off their flights.

Despite the messaging on social media, it’s not clear if the people in these videos were linked to the insurrection at the capital, but the facts are that an unprecedented number of individuals in MAGA gear were hauled off flights leaving D.C. after the coup and right now, in the wake of the D.C. attack, there’s nothing more terrifying than getting on a plane with a Trump supporter in MAGA gear.

“We are incredibly concerned about recent politically motivated incidents on board passenger aircraft,” read a statement from the The Association of Professional Flight Attendants (via CNN). “Airlines and law enforcement agencies have bolstered security at Washington-area airports this week after reports of ‘mob behavior’ on flights in and out of the region surrounding Wednesday’s siege on the US Capitol. Every airline flying out of the region over the last several days has experienced incidents onboard.”

Alaska Airlines even placed 14 people on their own personal no-fly list after a single flight from D.C. to Seattle in the wake of the Capitol attacks, stating that these Trumpers were “non-mask compliant, rowdy, argumentative and harassed our crew members.”

Basically, these people are refusing to wear masks and essentially “starting shit” with other airline passengers and the one thing they all have in common is their MAGA gear and the fact they were flying out of D.C.. Make of that information what you will.