20 Tweets That Accurately Capture NYE With Kids

by Christine Organ
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Once upon a time, NYE meant dropping a ton of money for a night on the town in fancy clothes surrounded by way too many people. These days, NYE looks a little… different.

Like really different.

Back then, we stayed out until dawn. Now, we’re lucky if we can make it until 10 p.m.

Oh who are we kidding? It’s a success if we make it to 8 o’clock.

Except our kids want to stay up all.night.long.

Back then we considered it a good night if we got into the hottest club. Now we spend the night… cleaning.

Or shelling out a shit ton of money just to get out of the house for a couple hours.

And everyone’s got a complaint.

Back then we made resolutions to do yoga and meditate. Now we know ain’t none of that shit happening.

Our kids on the other hand…

Nutella every day and kids who wipe their own butts. Sounds like a kick ass new year to us! Cheers!

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