24 Tweets That Will Make Every Mom Say 'SAME'

by Joanna McClanahan
@LurkAtHomeMom / Twitter

As moms we make different choices about lots of things, and that A-OK. Some moms choose to breastfeed, and some don’t (or can’t). Co-sleeping works great for some, and not for others. Some let their kids watch Caillou, others would rather poke their eyes out than listen to that show. You do you.

But in spite of all our differences, there are some things that will always uniquely bind us as mothers (including our shared hatred of that Calliou kid).

Because even though we all parent differently, we’re still connected by motherhood itself. Its ups and its downs. The moments of pride and our overwhelming moments of guilt. Sometimes we light up when we see the smiles on our kids’ faces. Sometimes we have to clean up another human’s bodily waste. Motherhood is all about balance.

There is more that connects us than separates us, including our ability to laugh at the literal shitshow that is our lives most days. That’s because we have a lot of shared experiences that other mothers understand:

Having kids means that you get to learn new things every day:

And have a lot of experiences you wouldn’t have had without kids:

Although some experiences are more fun than others:

Kids can help us be the best version of ourselves:

And accept our imperfections:

But motherhood also means making sacrifices:

Lots of sacrifices:

Especially sleep:

But at least our children appreciate it:

Being a mom means knowing you’re needed:

Because we go out of our way to be helpful:

Even though we can’t quite do everything:

Being a mom means you’ll eventually hit your breaking point:

But stay on our good side, and you’ll be fine:

We do what we can to show our appreciation for our spouses:

We even volunteer for the PTA:

We ask the important questions:

And encourage our kids to follow their dreams:

Being a mom means trusting your children:

Mostly trusting your children:

While admitting there are some things we’ll never understand:

Motherhood is full of fun surprises:

And some surprises we’d rather not have:

And some we’d prefer a little notice about, if possible:

It’s all worth it though. Sure, sometimes our families can act like a bunch assholes. But being a mom means knowing and appreciating they’re our bunch of lovable assholes.