Tweets That Sum Up How We Feel About The Quarantine #StayHome Life

by Christine Organ
Originally Published: 
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AsKateWouldHaveIt/Twitter and filadendron/Getty

Well, friends, we’re in this. I mean, we are IN THIS. And by “this,” I mean this forced stay-home-quarantine-because-social-distancing-is-a-word-we-all-use-now lifestyle. We’ve got feelings about this #stayhome life. BIG FEELINGS.

We’re stuck in a Groundhog Day-like hell.

We have no idea what day it is any more.

But we’re learning new games …

If we have school-age kids, we’re trying to homeschool…which mostly consists of basic hygiene, chores, and lots of Frozen.

#StayHome life means running to the window anytime you see someone you might know.

We’re angry. So fucking angry.

Maybe it’s because of Karen On Facebook who is touting a Thieves combo essential oil blend to keep you safe.

Our kids are angry…

And we can’t stop crying.

Also we’re fed the eff up with workout videos. (Seriously, folks. STOP POSTING WORKOUT VIDEOS.)

Weird things are starting to happen… yet oddly they seem normal now.

Friday nights means yoga pants.

Or at least different yoga pants.

But there are a few silver linings to this #StayHome quarantine life, like ’80s movies and re-runs.

Makeup? What’s makeup?

We have a next-level appreciation for teachers.

Baking banana bread is getting a major glow-up.

And we have more time for Tiger King.

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