The Roller Coaster Ride Of Parenting Teens (In Tweets)

The Roller Coaster Ride Of Parenting Teens (In Tweets)


I used to think that once I’d made it through the toddler years, parenting would “calm down” a bit. Not necessarily get easier — because nothing is ever easier — but just not quite so topsy-turvy, you know? And things did calm down a little… and then age 12 happened.

Holy shit, folks. Threenagers have nothing on a pre-teen. And I can only assume it’s going to get even more… unpredictable as we dive deeper into the adolescence. At least that’s what other parents tell me.

Because even though all of us were tweens and teens before, we’ve never been on this side of it. At least we can commiserate, right?

There are definitely some universal truths to teens. Like the smell.

We used to hope that they’d stop saying Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom-Mom ten million times a day, and now it’s all we can do to get more than a grunt or a monosyllabic response out of them.