Tweets That Showcase The Hypocrisy Of The 'Pro-Life' Movement

by Christine Organ
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Alex Wong/Getty and Amy Westervelt via Twitter

To recap the past week: Game of Thrones has ended, but we’ve regressed to dark and brutal times.

In the past week or so, Ohio and Georgia approved legislation that will ban abortions after six weeks (before many women even know they’re pregnant), without exceptions for issues like rape, incest, or maternal age. Missouri’s Senate passed legislation that bans abortions after eight weeks. And Alabama took it a terrifying step further and bans all abortions, and criminalizes those who perform or receive an abortion.

Are chills running down your spine yet? Because we are living a real life horror show right now.

As if the terror of it all weren’t enough, there’s the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement that makes us want to rip our hair out as well. Because let’s be clear, it was never about abortions.

Because if we’re about life, you wouldn’t actually have the death penalty. Yet here we are.

And oh yeah, dead bodies have more bodily autonomy than a pregnant person.

While Alabama talks about “life,” we all know where their priorities lie.

Because if folks were really about reducing the number of abortions, there are a whole lot of better, safer, less oppressive, and more effective options.

And then once that baby they fought so hard to protect is actually here, they don’t give a shit what happens.

And god forbid, you actually try to feed said offspring in public.

If they are so concerned, couldn’t they just really on their same approach to gun control?

All over social media and IRL conversations, we’re sharing our deepest secrets about miscarriages and abortions and rape just to convince people to, you know, TREAT US LIKE ACTUAL HUMANS.

When what we really want to say is this…

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