14 Tweets That Sum Up The Stupidity Of 'Mask-Holes'

by Christine Organ
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14 Tweets That Sum Up The Stupidity Of Mask-Holes
Sam Ghali, M.D/Twitter and Scary Mommy

In the latest edition of American Idiot: mask-holes.

By now, I think we all likely know the basics. Face masks safe lives. That’s right, a simple piece of cloth can help prevent the spread of coronavirus. So much, in fact, that experts say that if 95% of Americans wore a face mask in public, we could save 33,000 deaths by October 1. Not to mention all the illnesses that would be prevented. It’s staggering, really.

Yet following on the heels of our Idiot-In-Chief, something as simple as face masks have become a political statement. Some folks think that face masks are some grand conspiracy by folks like Fauci to get us to… do what I’m not sure. Others think is just one step in the left’s attempt to radicalize us all, which is racist and xenophobic AF. And some folks refuse to wear face masks simply because they are whiny selfish assholes whose motto is basically “BUT I DON’T WANT TO!”

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It’s all so ridiculous and maddening that daily life feels like an article in The Onion these days. And recognizing that we have to laugh or we’ll cry, Twitter is filled with a gold mine of hilarious content about “mask-holes” who basically just don’t seem to give a shit about their fellow humans.

Because apparently some folks seem to think that going mask-free is the ultimate flex. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

You aren’t “not giving in to fear;” you just look like a weak-ass idiot.

And believe me, you are not making any friends.

Because one thing is abundantly clear: anti-mask folks are hypocritical AF.

So true it hurts…

2020 has basically ruined post-apocalyptic movies because they are just too damn real.

Heads up, whiny jerks: COVID-19 is way worse than that little piece of cloth on your face.

By the way some people are behaving, you’d think that coronavirus wasn’t really a thing anymore. (It very much is.)

Most of the anti-maskers make absolutely no sense at all.

The really frustrating thing about the face masks “debate” is that it really shouldn’t be a debate at all. Yet here we are.

Please, friends. Care about other people. Wear a mask.

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