20 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Summer Travel With Kids

by Joanna McClanahan
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Twitter / @sarcasticmommy4

We think summer vacation will be a nice break for everyone. We imagine our family eating ice cream and taking selfies in exotic locations. We think the kids will be too busy exploring and enjoying the new scenery to fight with one another.

In our minds, this will finally be our chance to relax and enjoy some much needed sunshine and maybe even read a book. But the reality of summer travel with kids very rarely lives up to our expectations.

The real version of traveling with kids is mostly the same complaining but in a different location. We still get stuck refereeing fights, cleaning up after everyone, and yelling at our kids to stop yelling.

At least the hilarious people of Twitter understand the struggle that is summer travel with kids:

Summer break is super fun:


And the travel madness begins before we ever even leave the house:

Or leave town:

And no, we’re not listening to KidzBop:

But that doesn’t mean your kids won’t find other ways to annoy you:

It’s good to set realistic expectations for your kids:

And realistic expectations for yourself:

And expectations of the time you’ll spend together:

Once you’re there, you realize that time with kids moves just as slowly as ever:


And it’s still hot as balls:

And you’ll still end up on your phone:

But at least your kids will learn real-life skills:

And your family will get some quality bonding time:

And you’ll all end up stronger because of it:

And the vacation would be awesome if it weren’t for those pesky kids:

But in the end they aren’t THAT bad:

Some lessons are learned the hard way:

The truth is there’s a better way to invest your money:

To all those families who are traveling this summer: Good luck, godspeed, and I hope you get an actual vacation to recover from your family getaway.

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