Don't Have Time To Binge On 'The Office' Re-Runs? Some Tweets Will Do The Trick

by Christine Organ
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Let’s just state the obvious: The Office was one of the greatest shows of our generation. Don’t agree? You can fight me on it. Except, well, I’m not really a fighter and this isn’t really up for debate. You are either a fan of The Office or you are wrong.

Thankfully we can stream re-runs day or night, memorize even more lines, and soon we can listen to an Office-based podcast hosted by Pam and Angela — er, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsley. So we’re never far from The Office.

Thank. God.

I mean, first, there’s the theme song.

It truly is. Followed only by the theme song to 90210.

Then there is the sheer number of memes and gifs.

There are the countless scenes that make our shittiest days feel a little bit less shitty.

And then let’s talk about the cast. Michael is the most lovable awful boss in the world.

There’s Jim and Pam…


Except there’s also this…

Dwight never ceases to amazes with how batshit bonkers he is.

Sweet Phylis is not here for your bullshit.

Kelly is peak #Team Petty.

And Andy. Fucking Andy who went to Cornell. Ever hear of it?

Creed’s creep factor is only matched by his IRL cool factor.

How can you pick a favorite?!

Answer: you can’t pick a favorite. You just cannot. Because trying to pick a favorite will make you feel like doing this…

The really uncanny thing is just how applicable The Office is to every-fucking-thing.

It’s like they’re in our heads.


See? We told you it was the greatest.

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