The 'Twilight' Saga Is Now On Netflix And Twitter Is Losing Its Damn Mind

by Erica Gerald Mason
PeachyLuz/Twitter and Jon Furniss/WireImage/Getty

Get ready to feel all the feelings as you relive the beautiful turmoil of Twilight

Oh, the ANGST! Were you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Did you feel all the feelings when Bella and Edward finally got married? Well, here’s your chance to turn back the clock and daydream about an old dead dude that looks like a young dead dude: the Twilight films are available to stream RIGHT NOW on Netflix.

Who could forget the iconic baseball game? THE DRAMA, hunny. The brooding looks. The blue-gray palette. The UTTER SERIOUSNESS of the game.

And Twitter, being Twitter, lost its damn mind in anticipation. People cleared their schedule to binge-watch the Pacific Northwest’s answer to Jane Eyre.

Or, in some cases, made plans with their bestie.

And raided their closet.

“Well. Time to dig out my New Moon sweater and Team Edward tshirt to watch the twilight saga on Netflix,” the tweet reads. “I think I remember where I left my Cullen crest necklace… its gonna be LIT.”

Others were concerned that Robert Pattinson, after working so hard to distance himself from the franchise, would be a tad… morose at the news.

Some people were happy to rewatch an old favorite.

Still, a Twitter user pointed out a flaw in the film. Like, a really big one if you take the whole vampire thing seriously.

The theme song had this person SHOOK.

While another user decided to take Twilight on the road. I mean, it’s hours of glorious entertainment in your pocket, why even try to hold back?

Utter excitement, y’all.

Can’t watch the films? No problem. This person had their papa review it for you.

In the words of the befuddled pop, “live yo life.”