Twitter Is Losing Its Sh*t Over The Right Way To Draw An 'X'

by Christina Marfice
Image via Twitter

Twitter has serious feelings about the “right” way to draw an ‘X’

There are some things that, by the time you’re an adult with somewhat developed motor skills, you just do without having to think about how you do it. Tying your shoes. Buttoning a shirt or jacket. Writing your signature. Writing an “X.” Except did you ever stop to consider that there’s more than one way to do all of those things and someone might think you’re doing them wrong? Twitter is here to shatter all your illusions about having a put-together life, as usual.

The kind of meaningless Twitter debate of the day focuses on how to draw an “X.” Like we said, it’s something everyone does without thinking. Yet there are a bunch of different ways it can be done. Eight ways, to be exact. It’s a lot to take in, so buckle up.

Is your mind blown? Not gonna lie, we’re kind of weirded out by all these possibilities. Who knew?

And as in the case with anything that doesn’t really matter but can sort of divide us anyway, this has sparked a fierce battle between subsets of people who think their way of drawing an “X” is correct, and all the others are wrong. People are really in their feelings about this, guys.

Some people are trying to justify all our differences with geography.

Or the hand you use to write your “X.”

Others are just here to be anarchists. Pretty sure this tweet is the actual dictionary definition of “chaotic good.”

After reading all these responses, we’re more lost than ever.

At the end of the day, though, isn’t the important thing that there is a legible “X” on the paper? Why does it matter exactly how it got there? Two strokes were made, in some combination of directions, and it’s fine, because the end result looks the same to all of us. Come on, Twitter, just relax about this, OK? If we got through the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate of 2018, we should make it through “there are eight different ways to draw a letter X” with our sanity intact.

Anyway, the debate doesn’t even matter because there’s already an answer as to which way is the “right” one.

So calm it down, internet. We know it’s a holiday today and half the world is snowed in, but you truly do have something better to do, we promise.