Grandma Accidentally Buys X-Rated Christmas Ornaments And The Internet Is In Tears

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Alex Bermingham

This grandma is spreading some cheeky holiday cheer with her ornaments

The thing about most grandmas is they always have good intentions. Sometimes their execution and delivery may be a little off, but the good-hearted, pure intent is still there. Just as Alex Bermingham, an Ireland-based Twitter user who shared photos of her own grandmother’s recent Christmas ornament purchase.

Sounds innocent enough, right? At first sight, they look like any other traditional bulb ornaments — just purple. But upon closer examination, Alex realized they weren’t what they appear to be.

“My 74-year-old grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunnes Stores, which I have just realized upon decorating her tree that unbeknownst to her upon purchase, they are in fact, lavender glitter G-strings,” Berhmingham shared on Twitter.

LAVENDER. GLITTER. G-STRINGS. As my own grandmother would say, “Bless her grandma’s sweet little heart.” Alex wasn’t kidding either, each of these little beauties was stuffed and packaged perfectly with lavender thong underwear.

Image via Twitter/Alex Bermingham

See? They seem normal enough.

Image via Twitter/Alex Bermingham

Most people would just think, “Hmm, Grandma must really fancy lavender this year.”

Image via Twitter/Alex Bermingham

“Except, wait a minute, do these clear plastic things… open? Oh, they do.” Oh. Do. They. Ever.

Image via Twitter/Alex Bermingham

Naturally, Alex’s original tweet went viral almost immediately. People just cannot handle her poor grandma’s x-rated, unintentional purchase.

Turns out, lots of people can relate to their grannies being unintentionally cheeky.

For her part, Alex says her grandma got a real kick out of realizing her mistake.

Can you just imagine what the store clerks were probably wondering when Grandma bought these? Not that it matters because anyone and everyone is entitled to enjoy their kinks however they see fit — but OMG. As someone who suffered through working many holiday seasons in retail, I would have loved this woman whether she meant to buy these or not.

Also, the best follow-up tweet award goes to Alex for this gem: