The 'Hard Things For Parents To Answer' Twitter Feed Is Almost Too Relatable

by Leah Groth

The trending hashtag #HardThingsForParentsToAnswer is a little too real

To say that kids ask the darndest questions is basically the understatement of the century. One of the hardest things about being a parent is being forced to answer questions from our little ones. Sometimes we don’t know the answer. Others, there isn’t one. But oftentimes the truth they are seeking can be incredibly difficult to answer, not only because there isn’t a simple black and white solution that they could understand, but because the answer might not be totally appropriate or comfortable to discuss. A hilarious hashtag has gone viral on Twitter for making light of this very retable conundrum: #HardThingsForParentsToAnswer. Here are some of our favorites:

The one-word question that most of us fear, and are presented with several times a day, is simply “why?” There is NEVER an easy answer to this three-letter word that doesn’t involve follow-up questions.

The only right answer to “Am I your favorite child?” is that you don’t have one. And that usually isn’t even good enough.

Who hasn’t lied to their kids about the whereabouts of their Halloween candy? Then again, most of us love Halloween because it means we can sneak a Snickers (or five) every now and then without the guilt of buying them. But if kids are territorial about one thing in life, it’s their Halloween candy. Honesty isn’t always the best policy with this one.

Because I grew you in my stomach and endured childbirth for you, that’s why!

When kids wonder why they can’t have chicken nuggets for breakfast, they sort of have a point. Protein is protein, right?

Every parent is going to have to face the day when their child asks them about that three-letter word: sex. They will probably ask you about it more than once, and it’s likely your answer will change over the years as they mature. However, no matter their age, any question from your child regarding sex entails a somewhat awkward conversation. Here are some good ways to talk to your kids about sex. Let the force be with you!

A prime example of a question that unless we farm for a living, we probably don’t know the answer.

Oh, kids. They love to question the double standards of age. This is one entails of those “because I’m an adult, that’s why,” sort of answers.

Even if you are one of those Type A parents who never misses a beat, there’s a good chance that the tooth fairy will “forget” to make a visit at some point over the years. It’s because she was on vacation, DUH!

And last but not least:

Just pray your child never walks in on your doing the deed. There is simply no easy answer to that one!