People Are Sharing Memories Of Their First Kate Spade Bag

by Christina Marfice
Image via Andrew Toth/Film Magic/Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Kate Spade touched so many people with her gorgeous designs

As news of Kate Spade’s death continues to ripple across the internet, a beautiful tribute to the late designer has started. On Twitter, people are sharing their memories of their first Kate Spade bags. And if you think a designer handbag can’t touch someone’s life, step on up and read some of these stories.

Just make sure to grab some tissues first.

Spade’s designs were revolutionary. They were so beautiful, classic, sophisticated and timeless. Many people considered them measures of success and dreamed of reaching a point in their lives or careers where they could treat themselves to a Kate Spade bag.

Others remembered receiving the bags as gifts from people who would go on to be important parts of their lives forever.

For some, a Kate Spade bag was a treat that showed they were grown up enough to have an investment in something nice, rather than just another bag.

One mom stumbled upon her old Kate Spade diaper bag in storage, and vowed to pass it on to one of her children.

And one woman remembered getting her first bag by less than scrupulous means, but because it meant so much to her to have it.

Some are remembering their first bags, but also encouraging mental illness awareness in the wake of Spade’s apparent suicide. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. It can take even the most creative, seemingly joyful and successful people among us.

It’s clear that Spade’s memory is so much more than just bags. She was a brilliant designer who created art, then turned it into a product that people loved and connected to. She will be — and already is — sorely missed, and our hearts go out to her family, friends and fans.