Viral Twitter Thread Breaks Down Why Disney Villains Are Better Than Princesses

by Cassandra Stone
Image via IMDB/Twitter/Zelda Williams

Zelda Williams’ perspective on Disney villains will open your princess-loving eyes

We talk an awful lot about Disney princesses but very rarely focus attention — much less respect and adoration — for the Disney villains. Well, Zelda Williams took to Twitter to perfectly explain why each Disney villain should be given his/her proper due.

Williams (yes, she’s the daughter of Robin) decided to break down the nuances of Disney’s most popular villains and why they’re completely misunderstood. Sure, most of them have done some unforgivable things — but just hear her out.

She begins by tackling everyone’s favorite red-headed mermaid, and why she’s problematic.

Yep, Williams just dives head-first into anti-Ariel waters and doesn’t hold back. But she brings up some seriously valid points.

Ariel had perfected a few of her own manipulation tactics by conveniently “forgetting” she knew how to write. Sure, Ursula had a literal garden of mermaid souls-turned-eels and there’s no excusing that. But Ursula was, indeed, a misunderstood BAMF if nothing else.

Williams then tackles the whole Simba/Mufasa/Scar trifecta. It’s no secret Simba has been raised to think the sun literally rises and sets on his entitlements. She says Scar has more than enough reason to be frustrated and annoyed.

After being exiled, Simba totally comes back to his pride better than ever and more than ready to be a good king. The case can be made that he’s much better for his time spent “abroad,” Williams argues.

And as for Maleficent, she’s honestly too fabulous to thoroughly drag. Williams argues that perhaps we’re focusing on the wrong villain in Sleeping Beauty.

I mean, she’s not wrong. Prince Phillip is kind of a creep.

And as for high fashion, the villains are coming in strong. Amazing costume work is so much more than a pretty dress and tiara, amirite?


Plenty of people on Twitter seem to agree with Williams and her perspective.

As for any internet trolls out there condemning Williams for her thread, here is *the best* response ever:

You heard her, folks.