Twitter Responds To Trump's COVID Diagnosis

by Cassandra Stone

Trump and Melania have tested positive for COVID-19, and the Twitterverse has some thoughts about it

Seven months into denying the severity of the pandemic that has already claimed over 207,000 American lives, President Donald Trump and his wife have tested positive for COVID-19. Over 7.2 million Americans have tested positive for the virus that Donald Trump calls a “Chinese hoax” while largely refusing to wear a mask during most public outings. Now he and Melania have it, and Twitter has some thoughts.

Reactions to the president’s diagnosis are ranging from skeptic to unsurprised to unapologetically unsympathetic. And after several months of hearing the president downplay a virus that has left hundreds of thousands of grieving families in its wake and make fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask, it’s no wonder people are lacking in sympathy.

It was announced yesterday that Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s most senior political advisers, tested positive for COVID-19. Administration officials were apparently aware of her diagnosis yesterday morning, but still attended a New Jersey fundraiser last night and a press briefing.

Many people are wondering if this entire diagnosis is a political stunt, given how close we are to Election Day and how the validity of virtually any and all news from the White House is always questioned. Others are pointing out that Trump contracting the virus doesn’t make sense from a political standpoint, given that his illness isn’t going to sway any votes at this point.

Some prominent figures in media have engaged in “prayers for a speedy recovery” posturing, and many Twitter users aren’t having it. This “God bless the president” tweet from Rachel Maddow did not go over well.

Other offers of sympathy and get well wishes came from, predictably, Vice President Mike Pence (who tested negative for the virus today, according to reports) and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also contracted the virus earlier this year.

Joe Biden also offered his good wishes.

Since the first presidential debate happened on Tuesday night, many people are concerned that Joe Biden and his family were potentially exposed to the virus. Trump’s family and team of advisers refused to wear masks inside the debate auditorium. CNN is reporting that Biden is being tested following Trump’s positive diagnosis.

Regardless of how anyone feels, it’s important to remember that risky behavior leads to infection. The President has shown a complete disregard for precaution in relation to COVID-19 and regularly congregates, unmasked, in extremely large groups of people. Science will always trump conspiracy theories.