Trump Screws Over Those Kids That Performed At His Rally, Surprising No One

by Valerie Williams
Image via CNN

USA Freedom Kids dance group is suing Trump for breach of contract

Remember that kind of creepy display of “patriotism” at a Trump rally early this year? Those little girls in red, white and blue dresses singing a song about the Republican candidate’s vision for America while performing a dance routine? Turns out, Donald Trump is adding them to the gigantic pile of people he’s screwed over by refusing to make good on parts of the contract they had with his campaign.

We know. You’re just as shocked as we are.

According to CNN, the USA Freedom Kids dance group is seeking damages in a breach of contract suit against Trump. They shot to viral fame this past January after performing their song “Freedom’s Call” at a rally in Pensacola, Florida.

However, the group’s manager, Jeff Popick, says the Trump campaign didn’t follow through on their promise to allow the girls to have a table to sell CDs at a rally and then canceled a scheduled performance in Florida, after the kids had already traveled there from Iowa. “This is the way they played us,” he said. “They can only ignore us for so long.”

After threatening to sue this past July, Popick retained attorney Marc Shapiro and followed through with filing the lawsuit earlier this month. Upon receipt of the suit, the campaign will have 20 days to answer. There’s no word on whether that’s happened yet.

The lawsuit is seeking between $5,000 and $15,000, a sum that both Shapiro and Popick claim is fair compensation. “People would look at it like it’s an opportunistic thing, and it’s not,” explains Popick. They want to keep the case away from trial, but Shapiro says he’s “confident” in their case against The Orange One.

Sadly, news that Trump is refusing to compensate small children won’t stop his fervent supporters from voting the evil sack of soggy sweet potatoes into office this fall. Even news that he’s a racist, misogynistic xenophobe hasn’t moved them, so why would anything else? He is out for himself, in every instance. Anyone who thinks otherwise is, to be frank, delusional.

And as far as that catchy USA jingle that made them famous? The experience with Trump has soured the girls on it so much that they now refuse to perform it. “It’s just a very sad thing, that’s all,” says. Popick.

Debatable, but of course we hope Popick and his group get the damages they’re seeking. Because what’s really “sad” is that among all the people Trump has screwed over, the list now includes a trio of little girls.

How classy.