Vaccinated Moms-To-Be Are Reportedly Giving Birth To Babies With Antibodies

by Lauren Gordon
Emilija Manevska/Getty

According to a summary of recent studies on Covid-19, babies of vaccinated moms have antibodies even at 6-months-old

Perhaps the scariest thing about this pandemic is the unknown. When it comes to kids and this infectious virus, the unknowns are uncountable. However, there may be some comfort for vaccinated moms-to-be: Their little ones may be protected with ant-body immunity.

Reuters recently reported that JAMA conducted a summary reviewing 28 studies done on Covid-19 and deduced children born to vaccinated mothers had antibodies in their systems as late as 6-months-old from their mother’s vaccine. They additionally noted that vaccine-born babies have more antibodies in their bloodstream that unvaccinated moms who contracted Covid-19 while pregnant.

Researchers learned 28 six-month-old infants born to women who were vaccinated with two doses of an mRNA vaccine at 20 to 32 weeks’ gestation, when transfer of maternal antibodies to the fetus via the placenta is at its highest, and compared 12 babies of that age whose mothers were infected during that same time frame. They found detectable levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most common antibody in blood, in 57% of babies born to vaccinated mothers but in only 8% of the babies of infected, unvaccinated mothers.”

It is important to note, however, that these findings are not peer reviewed.

Currently, researchers are unsure of how high the antibody levels need to be in order to prevent infections. Of course, antibodies are also not the only way to fight Covid-19. Keeping infants out of crowded, public spaces to limit exposure, consistent handwashing before touching an infant, and wearing a mask around the child are effective ways to help stop the spread of the virus to children of all ages.

Findings also indicated that contracting Covid-19 late in pregnancy with severe symptoms can lead to higher risk birth complications like pre-term birth, unplanned C-sections and even serious illness and death for the mother. Researchers noted that mild and asymptomatic pregnant women did not experience increased complications.

Please consult with your OBGYN regarding any decisions around vaccination and pregnancy.