Your Kids Are Going To Want These Toy Story Vans

by Maria Guido
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Image via Vans

Vans and Disney-Pixar collaborate on the cutest shoes of all time

Vans and Disney-Pixar released some teaser images of a new shoe collaboration. We may or may not have quickly scanned to see if they also come in adult sizes, before we even looked at all the images.

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They do. You know — in case you know someone who may be into that sort of thing. I’m not setting a Google alert so I can buy a pair of these Woody high tops, YOU are. (Okay. Maybe I am.)

“Vans showcases Andy’s favorite toys across an extensive assortment of adult and kids footwear as well as apparel and accessories this holiday season,” the Vans website states. I hope they’ve gotten the memo the holiday season has arrived. My neighbors have Christmas lights up already, no joke. Where are my Va– I mean, my kids’ Vans?

Image via Vans

Buzz, Woody, Ham, Slinky, Rex, and Bo Peep are all featured on designs.

There’s even a Sid-inspired slip on featuring Roller Bob, Legs, Rockmobile and Baby Face. There’s also some adorable accessories and clothing:

Vans has been teasing the line on Twitter since September. It will finally be available in stores and online October 7.

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