Video Of Baby Born Inside Amniotic Sac Is Like An Ultrasound Come To Life

by Ashley Austrew
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This video shows rare footage of a baby born inside its amniotic sac.

Every birth is a miracle, but occasionally babies are born under circumstances that make that make their birth stories truly unique. Case in point: this newborn who was recently born en caul, or completely encased in its amniotic sac, and captured on video still moving around like it was inside the womb.

In a video uploaded by mom Jasmine Perez, you can see a baby curled up inside an intact amniotic sac. Even more astonishing, the baby can be seen squirming around and even yawning, essentially unaware that he’s even been born. It’s not until the end of the video, when the doctor snips through the sac, that the baby finally sprawls out and takes his very first breath.

Photos of babies born en caul have been passed around the internet with some frequency, but it’s not often we get the chance to see actual recorded footage of one moving around. That’s probably why this video has over 18.5 million views and almost 54,000 shares.

According to BabyMed, babies born en caul occur in less than one in 80,000 births, and are viewed by many cultures as a sign of good luck. Amniotic sacs usually break during labor, allowing the baby and all of the amniotic fluid to rush out. In rare circumstances, a portion of the sac will get caught on the baby and remain intact, which is known as a “caul birth.” But when a baby is born “en caul,” the sac balloons out around the baby rather than rupturing, creating the opportunity to give birth with it completely intact.

En caul births are special, not only because they happen so infrequently, but because they give us an incredible glimpse at what our babies really look like inside the womb. For months, you feel that little person jostling around, kicking, punching, and hiccuping, but even the best ultrasound technology in the world can’t give you the whole picture of what’s going on inside your body. Seeing this video, it’s easier to understand how babies fit in our wombs and how our bodies shelter them while they’re still developing.

Many people don’t even know en caul births are possible until it happens during their own deliveries, so it’s even more special that this video was uploaded and meant to be shared. Thanks to magic of the internet, we all get a chance to bear witness to the incredible things the human body can do.

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