'Male Scientist' T-Shirt Inspires Hilarious Comments Section

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Man Who Has It All

You will die laughing at these comments about this ‘Male Scientist’ t-shirt

Sexist double standards are just part of everyday life for women — and you’ll rarely find us in a laughing mood about it. That’s where the satirical Facebook page ‘Man Who Has It All’ comes in, because they’ve got nonstop memes, posts, and merchandise that “flip the script,” so to speak, on typically crappy things that are usually aimed at women and turns it on men instead. Which brings us to their new line of t-shirts.

They’re “his and hers” t-shirts, and they’re spectacular. The one worn by the female model has simply the occupation while the one worn by the male model specifies that he’s a MALE version. We’re super digging the scientist shirts.

Image via manwhohasitall

But that’s not all! Males of several professions can wear a shirt that boasts loud and proud what line of work they’re in that’s typically not a place where you’d see men.

There’s a male journalist t-shirt.

Image via manwhohasitall

Oh, and a male programmer or engineer. It’s so nice to see men taking an interest in STEM.

Image via Man Who Has It All

Image via Man Who Has It All

For those guys with Elle Woods-style dreams, there’s also a male lawyer shirt.

Image via Man Who Has It All

If you’ve ever shopped in the children’s clothing department at literally any store, you know that all of the “future doctor” or “future engineer” clothing items are found in the boys’ section. When you stroll through girls’ apparel, you always see stuff like “future girl boss” (please, try to stifle your infinite groans) or “girl astronaut” and the like. Why it can’t just not say “girl” at all is beyond me. But in the Year of Our Lord 2019, this is still very much A Thing. Which is why these t-shirts and the subsequent commentary is utterly delightful.

Because occupations simply must be separated by genitalia, the comments on this post are spot-on. It’s so cute when boys want to be something “girly,” isn’t it?

That’s true. Perhaps the bare arms of this t-shirt isn’t modest enough for male scientists? The females could become distracted by their hairy wrists and ashen elbows and it might render the women unable to concentrate on important work. Hers can stay as-is though, of course.

This is an important point. Hopefully the fact that his salary is likely 20% lower than his female colleague’s won’t be an issue when it comes to forking over that hard-earned cash.


While the actual double standard against women in almost any workforce is anything but laughable (the same goes for the Sexist Clothing Conundrum apparel companies refuse to resolve), posts like this are nice reminders that we’re not alone in feeling this way. And maybe, just maybe, the people who need to will start to pay attention after seeing things like this and realize just how absurd it is to do this to girls and grown women.

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