Viral Thread About Men's Bathrooms Proves They Can't Be Left To Their Own Devices

by Thea Glassman
Image via Getty/Stuart Gleave/Twitter/@jodieegrace

You’d be surprised just how weird thing get in mens’ bathrooms

A man’s bathroom is a weird, unsettling abyss that you generally want to avoid at all costs (unless you really, really have to pee). But just how weird and unsettling can these bathrooms get?

A viral Twitter thread showed various pictures from different mens’ bathrooms and…um…yeah, you’re just going to wanna see for yourself. Basically, there is nothing more terrifying than a man left to his own devices. Especially when it comes to bathroom…decor.

Twitter user @jodieegrace got the party started by putting out a call to action. “Ladies what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever found in a boy’s bathroom?” she asked. “Allow me to start.” She posted a snapshot of a hairbrush attached to a plunger which makes exactly zero sense.

Pictures poured in in response to her tweet. There was the guy who had a hole in his wall and he was using it to store his hair gel and razor. I guess points for being creative…?

Then there was the dude who really wanted Dwayne Johnson (circa 1980’s) to keep him company. There was another dude who wanted to hang with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Also, a casual cameo from Jeff Goldblum. I love Jeff Goldblum but would really much rather see his face by my bed stand.

Okay, so, that’s all kind of fun and quirky. Now we get to the grosser stuff. Like, a guy actually used an ORANGE as his toothbrush holdor. I am already gagging thinking about what that stench situation must be.

Speaking of food products that shouldn’t be in the bathroom, one men’s bathroom had two loaves of bread and a jar of jelly. There probably couldn’t be a less hygienic place to chomp down on your PB&J.

Also, so many men were doing really weird stuff with their toilet paper. Turns out, just the normal roll on hook thing we all do is pretty passé at this point.

There was also a casual lobster in the tub…

And a turtle shell.

How is this useful to anyone??!

Need to keep the bathroom window ajar? Use a pic of the pope.

I guess the moral of this story is that we should all probably avoid mens’ bathrooms at all costs until men are capable of becoming functioning adults with functioning bathrooms.