This Viral Tweet Will Make You Question Everything You Know About Cutting Toast

by Jerriann Sullivan
Image via Twitter/Hallamnation

‘The triangle always tasted better than the rectangle’

A British nightclub tweeted a simple question about how to cut toast, and all the sweet souls who use Twitter have lost their minds arguing over the answer.

The whole debate started when Hallamnation, which hosts dance parties for college students, tweeted the question: “Which way would you prefer our staff to do you[r] toast at the end of a night?!” First of all, ordering toast after drinking and dancing all night is a tradition Americans need to borrow right away. Along with their controversial question, the group that hosts parties for students at Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire, England also included a photo of toast cut three ways.

Obviously, toast #1 is the clear winner. But our editors (all U.S. based) had never seen anyone make toast #2. We’re serious. Never in our lives did we think people cut their toast this way. And toast #3 is just the normal, everyday way of cutting toast in the states. But we quickly learned that across the pond our neighbors fucking love toast #2. And they think we’re a bunch of monsters for even considering cutting our toast vertically down the middle of the slice of bread.

You thought we were kidding. We weren’t. One guy was so upset at the thought of folks liking toast #3 that he kept tweeting about it.

Finally, some people like us jumped into the toast war and let everyone know that toast #2 isn’t cool. Much less common.

And finally, there were the folks like me who prefer toast #1 or no damn toast.

Still does.

She’s probably right.

Kids are never wrong.

While the toast debacle took over Twitter at least the reasoning behind it was for a good cause. A Hallamnation spokesperson told BuzzFeed the group serves toast at one of its popular annual events and the money raised go to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

“We have buckets from Sheffield’s Children’s Charity and ask for a voluntary donation in return for a slice of toast,” the spokesperson explained. “The night is popular with students and has run for over four years in Sheffield.”

Sadly, Hallamnation didn’t respond to our requests asking which way they like their toast sliced.