Watching Men Be Utterly Baffled By Tampons Is Your New Favorite Thing

Watching Men Be Utterly Baffled By Tampons Is Your New Favorite Thing


Oh man… this is funny.

It’s no wonder these men are confused: feminine hygiene products are pretty ridiculous, when you stop to think about them. Take the packaging for one. I mean, seriously? I don’t need a pantyliner to be wrapped in a plastic sheet covered in daisies to feel okay about using one. And who was the genius behind the idea that these things need to be scented? Never have I ever wanted my vagina to smell like a baby diaper. Baby powder-scented feminine products need to die in a fire.

I guess I never realized how hilarious it would be to see a man confusedly handling those postpartum maxi-diapers we’re forced to use. The fact that we even get those in our underwear is an impressive feat. “This seems massive. This seems a little unnecessary,” remarks one of the dudes. Right? The scary thing is, those are totally necessary. Let’s just all stop and give ourselves a pat on the back for ever having to endure one of those things in our pants.

The tampon confusion, while extremely funny, is also a little terrifying. Come on guys — it’s not rocket science. There’s not that many holes down there. It’s not a skee-ball target.

“These are expensive as well -that’s the worst thing. You have to pay so much money for this shit,” says one of the men. So true! “It’s a lot of hassle for them to have to go through, man. Could we not figure out something easier, that involves lasers?”

If only.