People Are Eating Watermelon With Yellow Mustard Thanks To TikTok

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Since I have three teenagers, I’ve had to accept the fact that TikTok is going to be a big part of our lives. My daughter and I enjoy watching animal videos and shopping hauls together. And if there is a food trend bouncing around that site, you better believe we try it.

Most of the time we are pleased with the results, and I can see why a certain combination is making its way around the world as people post videos of themselves testing it out.

We loved the TikTok baked feta pasta, couldn’t get enough of the whipped coffee everyone was making, and I was even pleasantly surprised when my kids rolled some pickles in Hot Cheetos and it became one of our favorite snacks.

So, after we saw Lizzo try the latest TikTok food craze, watermelon with yellow mustard — which was introduced to TikTok by @yayayayummy — we went for it.

Now, I had my doubts after seeing this, but the Nature’s Cereal (fruit in a bowl with ice and coconut water) we tried when Lizzo went crazy for it was pretty good. And I do like the whole sweet and salty thing (who doesn’t?) so I figured this might end up going down better than I thought it would.

Courtesy of Katie Bingham-Smith

As Lizzo is eating it she says she doesn’t understand, but she keeps tasting it to be sure. So I figured if she was willing to keep giving it a chance, there must be something there she likes, right?

Yayayayummy is very excited about this and describes it as being “So tangy and so vinegary” which are two things I like, but let me tell you something: I will never try this again. It was horrible and I almost threw up. This isn’t the kind of tang and bite of vinegar I like. I’ll take a lemon square and salt and vinegar chips (separately, thanks) if I want to fulfill my hunger for tangy and vinegary.

Sure, watermelon and hotdogs with French’s mustard (@yayayayummy says it has to be French’s mustard) belong at a barbecue — but do not put them together, I beg you. After taking a bite, I tried to see if maybe the flavors would meld together or perhaps the magic would come after my saliva mixed in and the food broke down a bit, but things were getting worse and I wondered why the hell I was doing this.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I couldn’t even get it down, much less give it a second chance to see if I could develop a taste for it.

No, just no.

I had to stop and had to wash out my mouth with water after I spit the disgusting combination into the trash.

I should also mention my three kids will try just about any food combination they see on TikTok, and they all love watermelon. In fact, my daughter has eaten an entire watermelon over the course of a day — but there was nothing I could do to convince them to give this even the tiniest of bites.

If you ask me, it’s either because they could tell Lizzo didn’t approve (she stopped after two bites and said, “Huh?”) or they are just smarter than me in the food department and could see this coming.

I don’t care if I’m not on trend with food combinations, but I’ll stick to things like my Snickers bar, or get crazy and dip a fry in my soft serve ice cream if I get the craving for mixing two flavors together.

Thanks to watermelon and yellow mustard, I no longer trust food trends on the internet.

From now on, if my kids won’t even try it, maybe I should give it a hard pass myself. You don’t have to take my word for it, though, if you are at a barbecue and spot some yellow mustard and watermelon and your curiosity gets the best of you.

Just do me a favor and do it in private in case you can’t choke it down and end up spitting it out like I did.

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