6 Ways I Still Treat My Big Kids Like Toddlers

by Jessica Hoefer-Land
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I had a startling revelation yesterday. I was in the midst of preparing my kid’s lunches when it hit me; There are so many ways I still treat my big kids as if they were toddlers. (For the record, my kids are nearing 11 and 13 years of age.)

Granted, seeing them grow has been difficult for this mom who truly possesses the mind of a 12 year old herself, but still, one would think I would be all too eager to move on from those seasons of life and embrace their independence. I guess I’m not because…

1. I still peel my kid’s oranges. What. The Heck.

2. I still pour their milk. First of all, what tween still drinks milk?

3. I start my son’s shower to HEAT UP THE WATER for him. Are you kidding me?

4. I sniff them when they walk by to make sure they don’t stink. OK, that’s just gross.

5. I get all “goo goo gaa gaa” over them when they scratch themselves. Seriously, get yourself a flippin band aid already.

6. I dish up my son’s food. I can see doing that for your pet. A ten year old? Have mercy.

Today is a new day. I am proud to say I sent oranges in my kid’s lunches today….unpeeled.

Toddler steps.

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