We Asked The Working Moms Of Scary Mommy To Tell Us How They’re Handling Remote Learning, And Here’s What They Told Us

by Scary Mommy
Teenage girl doing homework in her room. The school has been closed during coronavirus outbreak and the classes have moved to e-learning platform. Mother is helping the girl. Nikon D850

Working moms are juggling a lot right now. Like everything we’d normally handle, but also navigating hybrid school days, remote learning, and listening to our kids practice their extremely loud brass instruments. Oh, and being expected to wear pants at all times. Seriously, it’s been a struggle.

At Scary Mommy, we’re not just a bunch of writers, directors, producers, sales directors, or editors. We’re also working moms. So we asked around: what are you nailing and what are you failing while you work from home with the kids?

The responses we got run the gamut from insightful to hilarious. We’ve edited their responses for clarity and length.

Kelly, Head of Studio, Scary Mommy:

“I’m losing my mind! Oh god, it feels like I’m nailing nothing – working so much I barely know if they miss classes. The house is a mess. The only thing is that my girls get to see me at work and maybe that’s a good role model for them.

I’m also happy my 11-year-old can suffer through puberty in the comforts of home rather than at school LOL!”

Rachael, Senior Writer:

“At my house we are nailing being on time. We put up a schedule for my 11-year-old and he has not missed a single class when he’s remote.

What we are failing at is consistency. Depending on my day and meeting schedule, I don’t have the time or memory to check that he’s doing all his homework or checking email for new assignments. Last week he missed something that he should have done and had to do it in the five minutes he had left before class. (Should he be checking all this himself, you ask? Well, probably. And that’s another thing I’m failing at).”

Liz, Senior Editor:

“I feel like I’m really happy my kid is 17 because otherwise I would be ugly crying in the corner with all of my failures. But this is also her senior year, and she is missing so much. So where I can I’ve been trying to make the best of it. Friday nights, we’ve been stress baking. Is it a lot like trying to polish a turd? Yes, yes it is. But we haven’t spent this much time together since she was tiny, and I’m cherishing it.”

Alison, Senior Producer:

“I’m really nailing the home stuff – my house has never been more organized (which is probably not saying much, as I stare at a laundry pile while writing this). But my kids are happy and safe and I’m no longer missing the moments when they need me the most. That being said, I’m completely failing at fourth grade math and keeping my kids off their tablets.

But I’ve learned that rules need to be bent and people (me) need to be flexible. Everything will get done – sometimes amazingly and sometimes just barely and that is okay.”

Maria, Executive Editor:

“I’m nailing teaching them independence and failing fourth grade math.”

Sasha, Sales Director:

“Having a 2 year old at home means mixed emotions. Half of me is so happy to get extra time with her that I would have never had as a working mom. The other half of me can’t handle the screaming, “Mama, come play!” at the door and wishing she could do all her regular fun activities with kids her age.

Thank goodness for extra strong coffee and delicious martinis!”

Thien-Kim, Writer:

“I’m happy that I’m not a ‘tiger mom’ because I’ve told my teen and tween that their only job is to not fail school this year. Everything is hard right now and I don’t expect them to act like everything is normal and easy.

On the other hand, I’m working on a million different projects and stress eating chocolate-covered espresso beans.”

Jeanne, Associate Editor:

“Surprisingly, I’m nailing the organizational side of virtual schooling while working from home. I made school binders and awesome time charts for both kids.

The downside is that I’m definitely failing at the whole self-care bit. I’m glad no one can smell me on these Zoom calls and I’m super thankful these masks hide my unwaxed facial hair when I go out in public!”

Micaela, Director

“Working from home is a chance to model being in a leadership role for my daughters.” But “seventh grade algebra is not a time for me to be in a leadership role because I’m terrible at algebra.”

Lib, Writer:

“In some ways, I’ve really enjoyed the relaxing of routines that probably don’t matter all that much (getting dressed, having just ONE breakfast, etc). But it also comes with some genuine sadness that this is what my daughter’s senior year looks like.

And I also don’t love hearing peals of laughter from the other room when I use my ‘customer service voice’ on the phone.”

Brandi, Writer:

“My kids are three and 11, and I have never been more tired in my life. There’s a lot of pizza for dinner. Like, a lot. But I’m really intentional about making sure I’m present and focused on their emotions.

They’re thriving despite all the carbs.”

Joanna, Editor:

“[I’m] learning to multitask like never before. I can make mac’n’cheese, help my kid with Zoom, and be in a meeting all at the same time. Ummm everything else? I think we all need to give ourselves some grace right now because it feels like I’m failing, when in reality we’re the ones keeping everything together.”

At the end of the remote learning day, we’re all just doing our best. Nailing some, failing some and keeping it all moving – whether it requires pants or not.

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