Dry Shampoo, We Heart You

by Micaela Birmingham
Originally Published: 

Hear me roar. Okay, that’s the sound of me cheering for dry shampoo. There are never enough hours in the day — period. So I’ve stopped trying to be perfect at everything and started focusing on the things that make me perfectly happy.

Nope, not spending 45 minutes washing and blow-drying my hair today, I’ll take sleep — thank you very much. And pile of dishes, you can sit there overnight because I’m not in the mood. And no, I’m not watching a video on how to perfect a contoured face ‘cause I’m happy with the cheekbones I came with.

I’ll just be over here chilling in my sweats knowing that someone in my house thinks my grilled cheese sandwich slays like no other. And because it’s made with Arla cheese, I know my work of art has only the very best natural ingredients. So here’s to sleeping in, eating well, and living unprocessed.

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