5 Autumn-Inspired Household Ideas, Because It's Still Fall, Dammit

by Holly Garcia
Melissa Ross/Getty Images

While the weather might feel otherwise in some places (because, climate change), fall inspiration is in full swing. It’s time to open your windows and let the crisp autumn breeze blow through. Light a pumpkin spice or an apple cider donut candle because, yes, this is an amazingly glorious real thing. Get your hearts ready, your home tidy, and your reorganization game on. We talk about changing seasons in life and relationships all the time, but today we’re talking about the literal changing of the season.

Fall is a Godsend. It gives us a sliver of joy in between the chaos of school beginning in September and the insanity that follows the day after Thanksgiving. We sip our fall flavors of choice and enjoy an obnoxious amount of pumpkin and apple-flavored delights. So while we have a moment to take in the season and enjoy ourselves, let’s also do ourselves a favor and get our home ready to reflect our joy. I’d like to say I’ve made it through this checklist, but honestly, I’ve only ticked off 1.25 boxes. And really, scratch this whole checklist thing because that sounds more like work and less like inspiration, and damnit, fall doesn’t involve that nonsense. Without further ado, enjoy these five ideas to inspire all the fall joy in your home.

Flip Your Wardrobe

As we said in the beginning, the weather transition into fall is pretty wonky six out of the seven days of the week. However, slowly but surely, sweater weather will be upon us. Do yourself a favor and flip your wardrobe. Put away any summer attire that doesn’t serve you in this season and make room for fall-inspired fashion. Which means all the fleece-lined leggings, hoodies, and the occasional duster sweater. Always a great option for when you want to feel dressed to the nines, even without wearing real pants.

Take a look at your closet and move the heavier sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and vests to center stage. There is nothing more annoying than realizing that the top that you planned on wearing is actually a sleeveless number that the wind will blow right through.

Pantry Reorganization

Reorganizing your pantry is one of those things that is a massive pain in the ass until you emerge from the small space and realize you just spent two hours in there. And yes, I am speaking from real-life experience. Donate, or toss, boxed and canned goods that are nearing their prime that honestly you probably won’t use. (Reminisces on that one week, so many boxes of mac and cheese were on sale, and the next day the minions decided they didn’t like it anymore).

If you’re a baker of all the pies or a maker of savory warm soups, taking time to tidy things up a bit will be a time saver. Reorganizing your pantry allows you to see what you’ve got, see what you need, and inspire some soul-warming fall recipes.

Outdoor Furniture

Sitting outdoors, when the evening weather is still cool but not yet bitter, in fall is delightful. Yet every year, without fail, freezing rain or snow tends to fall overnight, laying waste to lovely outdoor upholstery–or wicker, or both. So while you’re outside adding spiderwebs to your bushes or that rustic pumpkin truck you’ve been saving all year, make sure you’re preparing everything that’s outside to withstand cooler temperatures.

Protect your grills and canvas canopies from the elements if you live in a place where it gets so cold that your face hurts. We recommend doing this in fall, while you can still enjoy an early sunset and don’t have to wear snowshoes to simply trek across your backyard.

Seasonal Decor Season

Did you know hanging up your seasonal decor is actually good for your mental health? Facts, y’all. Like we said, fall is all about the joy and inspiration that comes with changing seasons. Maybe you’re very specific with what is for Halloween and what decor is for Thanksgiving. Or maybe, you love a good haystack and cornstalk that can carry you through both holidays.

Whatever fall inspiration you’re vibing out to, get it! As we said, fall is all about joy and inspiration. There is no wrong way to decorate your home in fall splendor. Unless you’re trying to push straight through to Christmas, in which case, stop with all that blasphemy!

All the Fall Scents

Candles, plug-ins, oil diffusers, there is no shortage of ways you can fill your home with enchanting scents that are fall-inspired. Whether you’re team PSL or apple-cider-everything (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing), all the fall scents will help us leave the humidity of summer behind for the indulgent richness that is autumn.

Truthfully, even fall leaves have a certain kind of magical scent to them this time of year. Refresh your home, and replenish your fall soul with decadent scents that are inspired by this wondrous time.

Every season is special in its own way, but nothing comes close to feeling like fall. The beauty of fall inspiration is that it looks a little different for everyone but is always extraordinary regardless of how you welcome it in. You don’t have to do everything on this list to get yourself and your home ready for fall, but you have to admit, you kind of want to, don’t you? No matter how your prepare, make sure to enjoy this incredible season to its fullest. There is so much joy and inspiration that comes with a fresh start.