We're Getting Bookish With Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway


We’re Getting Bookish With Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway

by Alison Bucalo
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It’s time for Halloween and it’s also time for us to get Bookish with Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway. Halloween makes you think of costumes, ghosts, candy and trick or treating. But when we interviewed Octavia Spencer and Anne Hathaway about their movie The Witches, we wanted them to get us in the mood for Halloween this year by getting Bookish with us. Watch the video here.

The Witches is a movie based on Roald Dahl’s 1983 novel, The Witches. If you’ve read anything by Roald Dahl, you’ll know that his books are often dark, creepy and rooted in fantasy. Sounds like Halloween to me! Roald Dahl’s depiction of witches is the creepiest version I’ve seen to date. If you’re stuck inside this Halloween and you want to get creeped out, just watch this movie.

Anne plays the role of the lead witch in the movie, The Witches. From sharp claws to long toes and terrifyingly big smiles, Anne makes the idea of a good witch seem like the fantasy. Octavia, on the other hand, is the kindly grandmother who knows just what to look out for for when it comes to witches.

When we sat down with Octavia and Anne, we got some background on how they felt about the witches of this movie and also got a deep dive into what their favorite novels are, their first book they ever read, what kind of book they go to for an ugly cry and more.

This Halloween, if you’re stuck inside, don’t worry – put on your scariest costume, cuddle up with some of your fave candy and get spooked by some terrifying witches!

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