What If You Took the Phone Out of iPhone?

by Leigh Anderson
Originally Published: 

A few days ago, venture capitalist Bijan Sabet tweeted out a picture of his 13-year-old’s iPhone home screen. The first thing one notices is that she’s organized her apps by color, a system that will appeal to any design-loving mom who’s arranged her bookshelves the same way. But the second-most striking thing is that Sabet’s daughter has hidden her phone app, giving prime homescreen real estate to Instagram, messaging, and music instead.

Anyone who knows a teen or tween knows that long phone convos, or even short ones, are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean they’re not communicating with their friends. In fact, they’re constantly communicating, but it’s all texting and Instagram. (Facebook and Twitter aren’t on Sabet’s daughter’s homescreen either.)

It’s not possible to delete the phone app, which means Sabet’s daughter has probably hidden it somewhere in the green folder. So if there’s an emergency, she can dig out the phone and type in 911. But, hey, it might be faster to text her dad.

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