What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

What to (Really) Pack In Your Hospital Bag

There are a million hospital lists out there, but most made my head spin with “necessities” that weren’t necessary in the least. Here’s all you really need to pack in your hospital bag…

What to (Really) Pack In Your Hospital Bag

1. Your cellphone. I mean, duh – this shouldn’t even need to be on the list since it’s basically an appendage, but you don’t want to forget it in the heat of the moment. And the charger, obviously, too. Because a dead cell phone never did anyone any good.

2. Hair elastics. This is labor, not a beauty pageant, and you’ll want your hair out of your face.

3. Snacks, because hospital food sucks. Or full meals. With all three kids, minutes – I’m not kidding, minutes – after delivering, I sent Jeff out to get me pizza because I was STARVING. I mean, don’t necessarily bring a pizza to the hospital with you, but some goodies so your partner can bond with the baby instead of being forced out of the room is definitely a good idea.

4. Trashy magazines. Or a computer. Or iPad. In other words, something to entertain you. The nurses will take the baby constantly for this and that and you’re going to be bored out of your mind.

5. Whatever cosmetics you’d normally pack for an overnight trip… Because, duh, you’re going on an overnight trip. Think: Shampoo, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, lotion, light makeup – hello, pictures – etc. Bring a toothbrush for your partner, too, because you don’t need to be dealing with someone else’s bad breath when you’re cranky enough, and lip balm because hospitals are notoriously dry.

6. A pair or two of cozy, nonskid socks for walking the halls and keeping your feet cozy.

7. Sugar-free sucking candy because your mouth is going to be dry as the Sahara during labor and, tragically, you can’t eat or drink.

8. An outfit for baby. And a carseat, of course, but that can’t fit in your hospital bag.

9. Cash. For when you eat all of your snacks and need more.

10. Insurance info, hospital forms and your ID. You won’t get far without them.

11. A COMFORTABLE maternity outfit for you to go home in. If you thought you’d leave the hospital no longer looking pregnant, you’re in for a rude awakening. You will. If you aren’t psyched about the hospital gown, bring a robe or sweatshirt, too, that you can wear during your stay.

12. A camera. Because your baby is only born once, thank goodness, and you’ll want to capture as much of it as you can.