Parody Video Hilariously Shows What Would Happen If Men Had To Worry About Birth Control

by Valerie Williams
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“Yo guys, I decided something today. I’m gonna go off my birth control!”

Echoing familiar conversations between female friends, a hilarious parody video perfectly captures what an inconvenience birth control truly is — for women. Using humor and making some excellent points, the video “When Guys Go Off Their Birth Control” is the perfectly sarcastic antidote to all the nonsense women have dealt with for years in order to avoid pregnancy. And deftly points out how little of that responsibility falls to a man.

Besides a vasectomy, the one way a man can “take control” when it comes to preventing pregnancy is a condom. Because of course it is. They’re easy to find, cheap, have no harmful side effects (save for those with a latex allergy) and don’t require a doctor’s visit or prescription for use. This video makes fun of any man ridiculous enough to whine about the “downsides” of using condoms. And bonus — it’s laugh-out-loud funny.

From the opening declaration by DudeBro #1 to the very end, this video is perfection. Baseball cap turned jauntily backward, DudeBro #1 tells his assembled crew of beer pong-playing buddies that he’s made a big decision — to “go off” his birth control. He then whips out a condom encased in a package most women recognize — the little compact used to hold birth control pills.

“I just hate the way these things make me feel!”

How many women recognize this weak excuse? Men claiming they don’t want to deal with condoms because they hate how they feel during sex. So, what’s the alternative? For women to undergo potentially invasive, expensive, risky, inconvenient or downright embarrassing measures to ensure we don’t get pregnant.

The guys go on to have a conversation about feeling “slut-shamed” when it comes to their decision to use condoms and how their doctors make it sound like this is their only option for having safe and responsible sex. Which of course, echoes the judgment tons of women feel when requesting birth control from their doctors.

Are they safe?

They’re not! They’re full of spermicide, aka, sperm POISON!


That’s a good point, Josh.

Your doctor doesn’t give a shit about your health, he’s in with Big Condom!

Honestly? They’re so expensive! So every time I have sex I have to spend what, 50 cents? 75 cents sometimes?! Or if I could find one of those free bowls of condoms!

I have to use a new one every time I have sex?!

Their dialogue hilariously points out all the obstacles and questions women face with various forms of birth control that condoms are totally without. They’re unquestionably safe, you don’t have to ingest them and your doctor doesn’t have any involvement at all. The only reason a man might not want to use them is the reduction in sensation during sex. And to that we say, boo-frickity-hoo.

They talk about buying condoms “behind the counter” and having to use a new one every time. Obviously, condoms are readily available at thousands of stores without ever having to talk to a pharmacist or doctor but that’s not the case for women on birth control pills, implants or IUDs.

The video wraps up with DudeBro #1 explaining the new birth control plan since he’s now “off” condoms describing the process for his girlfriend’s IUD, which was invasive and slightly painful but hey, no babies!

We all know that IUDs are mostly safe and the pill can be as well for women without certain risk factors but the fact is, every form of birth control for women carries with it some potential for risk, invasive procedures or embarrassment. Men don’t have to face a pharmacist or doctor to get condoms. They aren’t subjected to anyone else’s religious or moral code when it comes to their sex lives. They don’t have to explain their past sexual history or their future reproductive plans to anyone. Wearing a condom is literally the least they can do and any man who refuses is basically the worst.

This video is fantastic because it brings to light what women have long known — that it’s a song and a dance for us to prevent pregnancy and merely a dollar or two and a few moments of pre-planning for a man to accomplish the same goal.

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