A Rant Against The Ever-Horrible Maternity Bra

by Colleen Dilthey Thomas
Pregnant woman playing with daughter at home
skaman306/Getty Images

I have been pregnant four times. During each of those pregnancies, my body morphed into a version of itself that amazed me. The fact that I was growing another person inside of me was incredible, as were all of the changes that happened to my body while those babies were growing. But while it’s common to focus on the belly when talking about the pregnant form, there are other parts of our bodies that are changing as well that we need to recognize. And for God’s sake, can we do a better job of accommodating them? Yes, friends, I’m taking about breasts. During pregnancy, they need our support, literally. And I don’t know about you, but not once in my nearly forty months pregnant did I encounter a comfortable maternity bra.

Can I be frank here? When I was pregnant, my breasts were huge. We’re talking globes that could rival the largest melons in the produce section. All I wanted was something comfortable that held me up, but it was nowhere to be found. And I don’t think this is the case just for us more heavily endowed moms. I think this plagues all sizes of pregnant breasts.

And yes, your boobs are just as pregnant as the rest of your body. Those suckers are changing by the day, swollen and filling with fluid and sore and just all-around uncomfortable. So why hasn’t anyone come up with a way to pamper them? For me, I either had to try to squeeze myself into a pre-pregnancy wired nightmare or flop around in a sports bra that gave me zero support or form. Pregnant or not, I still like to have a little perk in the pecs. Yet there is very little on offer.

When your breasts are not supported, while pregnant or not, it can cause all kinds of pain and stress on other parts of the body. Those of you who are pregnant probably already have an aching back from carrying that little bundle in your belly, who is sticking feet in ribs and keeping you in the bathroom all day with bladder kicks. A chest that isn’t fitting in a proper bra is going to make all of these pregnancy pains worse.

Why is this the case? Designers go crazy over the cutesy shirts with ruched sides. There are plenty of options for pants. They come with panels, without panels, super stretchy waistbands, Lycra that feels like a warm hug. You can get comfy from the belly down, but heaven help your breasts. We need to do something about this. So who do I talk to? Is there a bra makers international? What about a pregnant breast support group? (See what I did there?) There has to be something. Playtex, Soma, Spanx, Vickie’s? Do any of you have any advice here?

My pregnant days are over, but I feel for all of you moms-to-be who are desperately trying to find the right fit for your breasts during a time when you feel may feel like everything is uncomfortable and nothing looks right.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that little light will love you and trust you and make all of your days brighter just by being in it. And soon your maternity bra woes will be a thing of the past and life will get back to your new normal. That is of course unless you are nursing. Those bras? Don’t even get me started.