Whitney Port Calls Out Mommy Shamers For Constantly Harassing Her About Son’s Long Hair

by Leah Groth
Whitney Port son hair
Whitney Port / Instagram

Whitney Port posted a YouTube video calling out the trolls who slammed her 2-year-old son, Sonny Sanford’s, long hair

Whitney Port often shares photos of her gorgeous son, Sonny Sanford, on her social media channels. The 2-year-old toddler was blessed with a head full of hair at birth, and The Hills: New Beginnings star is all about letting him grow it out long in all of its fabulousness. However, because trolls will be trolls, there are people out there in the social media-verse that have serious problems with allowing other parents to make their own grooming decisions about their kids, and they have been majorly hating on Whitney for her son’s long locks.

In a new YouTube video titled, I Love My Toddler, But Let’s Talk About His Hair, Whitney decided to set her haters straight, eloquently explaining to people why making nasty comments about a kid’s hair is all sorts of wrong.

“Welcome to I love my toddler but he can look however he wants,” Port began the video. “Sonny has always had great hair. He was born with hair, lots of it. When I was like 8 months pregnant the ultrasound technician was like you better get a comb ready, because this baby has a lot of hair.”

In the video, the reality star shared a montage of her happy toddler, as well as a clip of her son smiling while he compared his appearance (and his mom’s) to Frozen‘s Elsa.

She then went on to explain that she and her husband adore their son’s “beautiful” hair, however, recent commentary on social media has been upsetting.

“I put a picture up of Sonny on my Instagram, as I usually do and someone commented: ‘He looks like a she, Whitney. I get the whole not wanting to depict their gender but jesus, this is the third pic of him today that if I didn’t know he was a son I’d most def think he was a girl.'” Port said that “there’s so much wrong in there,” in response to the ignorant comment.

“First off, what is a ‘he’ supposed to look like and what is a ‘she’ supposed to look like. There isn’t any supposed to look like anything. Whoever said that because boys have long hair that makes them less of a boy, I just don’t understand that,” she continued.

She added that many of these commenters likely “think that they’re helping” but instead, “they’re really just showing their true colors.”

“It’s homophobic,” she stated, speaking to her husband who was behind the camera.

“Yeah, it’s homophobic and this felt like something I needed to respond to because I’m not cool with that. It’s one thing if people think I complain a lot or they’re saying something negative about me, but to be homophobic and let that live on my feed, I needed to respond back.”

She is definitely not going to let the negative feedback impact the way she is raising their son.

“We are going to dress Sonny for as long as that’s what we have to do. As soon as Sonny tells us he wants to wear something or has an opinion, whatever he wants, how you dress is an expression of you and your personality and no one should tell you that there’s one way to do that,” she added.

Her husband, Tim Rosenman, is totally on board with his wife, adding “if he wants to wear a dress, he can wear a fucking dress.”

“We are not pushing him towards heterosexuality or homosexuality. He will just be whatever he is born to be and we’re here to support that. Not push him in one direction or another,” he clarified.

They ultimately want to make sure their son feels accepted as he grows up.

“It is frustrating to think that Sonny will be in a world where these people exist and they have these antiquated opinions, but I think it’s our job to have these kinds of conversations with him,” she said. “It’s important to have these conversations, to support your children when you maybe see the tiniest ounce of what would be called ‘different.’ To support that difference and make them feel that it’s okay.”

She also pointed out the very valid fact that men have rocked long hair for, well, forever. And some of the hottest guys on the planet — like Jason Momoa — have long locks and even wear scrunchies.

She clarifies that she isn’t set on keeping her son’s hair long forever and she could be cutting it sooner rather than later due to the fact it often gets tangled. However, when and if she decides to give him another ‘do, it isn’t because of any social pressures.

“I think it’s becoming more of a frustration for him. I think it’s painful for him,” she explained. “He doesn’t have the tools to change it himself, so I feel like as parents, we have to make those kinds of decisions for him.”

“So when you see him with short hair, it is not anything that you said, it is just to make sonny’s life a little bit easier,” she said.

Whitney isn’t the only star who has been shamed for allowing their son to rock long locks. Justin Timberlake and Kourtney Kardashian have both felt the wrath of angry strangers for their boy’s hairstyles.

Whitney, we are a million percent behind you. Hopefully, this video will drill some common sense into people and perhaps inspire them to keep their fingers off the keyboard the next time they get the urge to voice an unsolicited opinion about someone else’s child.