This Is Why Having A Sister Is So Awesome

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I was lucky enough to grow up with some amazing sisters. When I look back to my childhood, they are the ones who are front and center in my mind. While we definitely had times of fighting, throwing things at each other, and purposely eating each other’s favorite snacks out of spite, the thing about having a sibling is, you’re forced to put aside your differences because you’re stuck with each other.

Sharing a bathroom and a bedroom is much more fun if you like each other and don’t worry about falling asleep for fear what they might do to you during the night.

And sometimes you are all each other has when times get hard, like if your parents divorce, you have a bad break up, or get bullied in school. You already have someone there who understands what you are going through because they are in the same space, and have experienced similar things.

Not to mention there’s something about confiding in a sister; it can feel safer and less judgmental than telling a friend because you’ve known each other for the better part of your lives.

There is nothing like the comfort I feel while with my sisters. Sometimes all it takes is an afternoon with them to make me slow down and realize what is truly important in this life. Also, talking about all the things we’ve witnessed each other do — the funny, the stupid, and the amazing — can make us laugh so hard we pee ourselves.

So yeah, my sisters always have been, and probably always will be, some of the best therapy I could ever ask for.

As young girls we used to try and stay up all night on Christmas Eve and wait for Santa Claus. We would tell each other secrets and knew we could rely on one another to hold our words in a safe place. We would giggle while sneaking our father’s candy bars and ice cream early in the morning.

As teenagers, we’d fight over clothes and make fun of each other’s boyfriends, but we knew our love ran deep, and we’d always count on quality time spent together watching a Road Rules marathon and ordering Domino’s pizza at 11 p.m.

When you have a sister, you can count on their honestly because you know they won’t hold back — sisters aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings and have no problem letting you know if your butt looks bad in a pair of jeans or your skirt is too short or your hair looks good from the front but is a disaster in the back.

I always felt that being a sister was the best training for being a mom. Having siblings can be a big indicator of what it’s like to be a mother. While they may piss you off, you still care deeply about them and would take anyone down who tries to harm them.

These days life is insanely busy, so I don’t get to see my sisters half as much as I want to; there are 8 kids between the three of us, we all work and have homes and hobbies, but one thing is for certain: when we do get together, it is healing for all of us.

After all, we grew up together and know each other from the inside out. There have been a lot of times in my life my sisters are the ones who were able to detect what I needed, and what I needed to let go of before I knew it for myself.

Having sisters has been one of the most life-enriching experiences I’ve had and the amazing thing about it is no matter how your life changes, shits on you, or blesses you, having a sister is a constant in your life.

I know for me, when times get really hard, I look back to my most comforting, safe, memories and they almost always include my sisters.

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