Wife Finds Husband's Tinder Profile And Makes A Few Adjustments

by Mike Julianelle
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After finding his Tinder app, one man’s wife took his profile into her own hands

If you’re a married man using a dating app, you might want to make sure you don’t leave your phone lying around. That’s the lesson one jerk of a philandering husband learned when his wife discovered that he had the online dating app Tinder on his phone.

If you come across “Mike, 29” on Tinder and notice a bizarrely self-loathing profile and wonder what kind of person is attracted to someone who describes himself as “a piece of shit who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but himself,” you’re probably not alone. Until you realize that Mike didn’t write his profile, his wife did.

That’s right, dude’s married! On Tinder!

Obviously he’s not the only married guy on Tinder – we’re positive there’s no shortage of stories of adulterous men prowling the online world for motel trysts – but he’s certainly the most viral. In more ways than one, apparently.

“Hey my name is mike I’m married with two kids. I have a tiny dick that is sti infested. My wife found my profile if you can’t tell and I don’t know yet that she’s talking on the phone right now with one of my girls and is leaving me. I’m a piece of shit who doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone but myself I have been talking and cheating so long don’t be sad if I don’t remember your name because I send the same generic shit to all you girls. Feel free to blow me up with hate mail.”

Mike’s wife pulled no punches in her savage rewrite of her husband’s bio, and after she uploaded it to Reddit, it exploded, kind of how his life just did.

At the time of this writing, the scorned wife’s image of her husband’s improved profile has 6660 up-votes, which seems appropriate, since this guy is currently in a living hell. Not only does he have an angry wife and an impending divorce to deal with, he also may or may not have some lingering health problems, not to mention to wrath of the entire internet.

The commenters on Reddit have not been kind, obviously, commenting on everything from his picture (“This is what happen when you take a selfie from that angle.”) to how old he actually looks (“He looks 40”), but just about everyone agrees that he neither deserves, nor will receive, any quarter from his rightfully furious wife.

As Reddit user dodobrains confirms, “As a crazy woman myself, I can attest to the fact that a scorned woman will seriously fuck up your entire world.”

And we’re all applauding this scorned woman for her genius take-down of her douchebag husband.

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