Zooey Deschanel & Will Ferrell Reenact Their Bathroom Duet From 'Elf'

by Julie Scagell
Zooey Deschanel/Intagram

Deschanel sounds as amazing as ever (and Ferrell’s not too bad himself)

If the movie Elf is on your holiday playlist countdown to Christmas, you’re in for a real treat. Two stars of the film, Will Ferrell (Buddy) and Zooey Deschanel (Jovie) got together (virtually of course) to recreate the beloved scene when they sang the “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” shower duet.

The video clip, which Deschanel posted on her Instagram, shows the pair singing the holiday hit and it’s just as amazing as it was in the film (though I’d argue Ferrell’s hair is even more epic this time around). Ferrell sings quietly through most of it but manages to belt out the final, “Baby, it’s cold outsideeeee” just like in the movie.

Their latest duet took place during a virtual table read to raise money for the Democratic Party of Georgia, most specifically Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock before the runoff elections taking place on Jan. 5.

The event was hosted by comedian and writer Ashley Nicole Black and #ElfForGeorgia trended on social media after the event when they reached their goal of $400,000.

The original scene almost wasn’t to be. The script didn’t have the bathroom duet in it at all, in fact. But given Deschanel’s pipes, it was added in much to moviegoers’ delight. “I remember [director] Jon Favreau telling me that they were catering it to whoever played the part,” Deschanel told EW. “One actress they were looking at was good at skateboarding. But I had a cabaret act at the time and I was performing a lot. They knew that I was a singer, so they put that in to be my special thing that he could discover I was good at.”

Though the song is a bit more controversial these days, Deschanel said Ferrell cut through any concerns during the filming. “It’s funny because obviously everyone knows it’s not appropriate to walk in the girls’ bathroom when someone’s showering, but he’s so believable as this guileless elf,” Deschanel said. “It’s weird he’s in there, but you totally buy that his intentions are pure and innocent.”

There have been a lot of table reads and reunions happening during the pandemic as a way to bring people together and get creative with entertainment. The nostalgia has been strong with reunions including Designing Women and Princess Bride, and the best part is most have been done to raise money for charity.

We’re always here for a little holiday cheer — especially this year — and there’s no better way to do that then with a little Elf throwback.