The Gadget Every Wine Lover Needs

by Sara Farrell Baker
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You know those infomercials with people screwing up common tasks? Their hair is a mess, and they’re breaking dishes and getting burned by bacon splatter, and spilling milk. Then some miracle product comes along and suddenly the hapless idiot is a regular person. Their hair is combed, and their clothes are clean, and they have a 401(k) and some semblance of a clue about life because it’s now easier to peel potatoes or boil eggs.

I am one of those idiots when it comes to wine.

Give me a screw top or a box with a spigot on the side, and I’m fine. But if I’m in charge of opening the bottle and there’s a cork in that sucker, we’re chewing our booze tonight. Everyone likes chewing their wine, right? No? Just me?

Enter the Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener. It works like a dream and looks like it was created for a Marvel villain’s bar cart. You pop it onto the top of your bottle, press the button, and you’re good to go in seconds. The base is clear, so you aren’t pausing halfway through the uncorking to check if it’s done yet. And since it runs on a rechargeable battery, you never have to worry about needing an Uber to Target halfway through the night for AA Duracells.

Plus, it lights up blue. If moms had lightsabers, this would be it. You’re basically a wine Jedi. And who doesn’t want to be a wine Jedi?

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