There’s A Place In Italy Where Wine Flows From A Fountain 24/7

by Valerie Williams
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A vineyard in Italy installed a free wine fountain and it’s all we’ve ever dreamed of

Parents, we have a pilgrimage to make. While cheap and widely available here in the states thanks to Trader Joe’s, there’s no better wine than free, unlimited wine. And a town in Italy has made that possible with a magical fountain dispensing the good stuff 24/7.

Get ready to rack up some frequent flyer miles, because shit just got very real.

According to Stylist, the Dora Sarchese vineyard in Italy has installed a wine fountain along a popular pilgrimage route in Abruzzo, east of Rome. Behold this miracle, in all its glory.

So much better than a box of TJ’s Cabernet, am I right? It just flows from its source inside a giant wine barrel in apparently limitless amounts, all hours of the day.

BRB, heading to Lowes to see about building a mini version for my kitchen table.

And us American parents aren’t the only ones losing their collective shit over a fountain of endless wine. Check out the crowd gathered at its grand opening. When it comes to wine literally flowing like the salmon of Capistrano, no one has any chill.

The winery posted a message on its Facebook page saying, “The wine fountain is a welcome, the wine fountain is poetry.”

Yeah sure, whatever. Free refills, right?

They also made a note that this life-giving fountain is not the place for “drunkards” or “louts,” so maybe we should just fill a few jugs and move the party elsewhere. Because in the face of such bounty, we can’t make any guarantees about our behavior.

All in all, this is basically a parent’s dream come true and we need to consider installing them here in the states. We have so much horrible shit going on lately (ahem…Trump and freely roaming creepy clowns.) A free wine fountain would at least soften the blow of our current nightmare reality a teeny bit.

Get on it, American vineyards. We need this.

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