We Are All This Woman Explaining Why She Doesn't Have Any F*cks Left

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Where do all the f*cks go? This woman is going viral for explaining why middle-agedish women don’t have any left

It’s one of life’s eternal questions: why don’t women over 40 give a single f*ck? Well, we now have an answer. One woman on TikTok has sat down and given the world a talk on exactly why middle aged women are DONE WITH EVERYTHING, and it’s going viral.

“I’ve seen a lot of videos about how women over 40 have no f*cks left to give,” she begins, “and I don’t want those of us who are not there yet to think that you wake up on your 40th birthday f*ck free. That’s not how it works. It’s a process that takes place over a few years.”

She continues to say that she’s going to walk us all through the process of going from giving a f*ck to not giving a f*ck.

“Let’s say you have a bucket of f*cks,” she explains. “When you’re young, it’s a big bucket, and you just cram all that sh*t in there. But every morning you have to take those fucks and carry them around with you. You’re putting them in your pencil case and your backpack and your purse and you’re walking around full of f*cks.”

All this changes at middle age, though.

“But around the time that you’re 39… you’re tired of carrying around the weight of that bucket. You want to downsize to a smaller bucket, but to do that, f*cks have to go. You wake up one morning, and you’re getting your fucks on, and you look and say, there’s my strong opinion about Birkenstocks — maybe they are comfortable. I don’t know.”

Now that she’s in her mid-40s, it’s all different.

“If it doesn’t fit in a change purse, it’s not coming. So, you look at what’s most important, you put them in your change purse, and those are all the f*cks you have left. They’ll be different for everybody. Maybe it’s friends, family, your garden, your children, your pets, your job, your religion, your environment, whatever it is… they are your f*cks.”

We might not give a f*ck about Birkenstocks anymore, but we give a f*ck for this sentiment.

Who said that TikTok is only for young people? This woman is showing us that at 47 she is adept at it and that getting a million views is no biggie as long as you drop universal truth bombs about life for women today.

Of course, this complete genius has gone viral on the platform before. You can watch her talk about her hilarious mom, take down all of her former bosses, and use a contour stick while drunk,

You can follow @gvizzle_74 on TikTok and you totally should. But even if you don’t, she won’t give a f*ck.

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