This Woman Stopped At The Polls While In Labor So Don’t Say You’re Too Busy To Vote

by Megan Zander

Woman in labor stops to vote before heading to the hospital

Holding Election Day on a Tuesday when you have to squeeze in voting around work, school and karate class is more than a little inconvenient. Our days are already so packed that it’s hard to imagine finding the time to stand in a long line to vote, especially with young kids in tow who would rather be anywhere else. But voting is a privilege, and one that we should elect to use, particularly in this contentious election year.

Soshy Adelstein understands just how important this year’s election is, and her determination to cast her vote will have you vowing to get your ballot in, too. Because when Adelstein went into labor a couple days ahead of schedule, her first stop wasn’t the hospital, it was her local polling place.

Adelstein’s due date was actually Election Day, but she woke up early last Friday morning with contractions and knew that her baby girl was about to make a slightly early debut. She and her husband Max Brandel took advantage of Colorado’s early voting laws and stopped at the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office to drop off their ballots before heading to the hospital to deliver their daughter, Bella Rose. The couple told The Huffington Post Adelstein’s contractions were about seven to ten minutes apart when they voted, and the entire voting process took around ten minutes.

Image via Soshy Adelstein and Max Brandel

They took a second to memorialize the occasion in a selfie booth that the polling office had set up. From the looks of the photo Adelstein seems to be mid-contraction. Do you see that? This woman is in active freaking labor while voting. There is a tiny human trying to bore their way out of her and yet she still managed to get her vote in — and with a smile on her face no less.

The couple continued on to the hospital where Adelstein gave birth to a baby girl named Bella Rose Brandel. According to Brandel, Bella Rose, or Rosey, as her parents are calling her, made her appearance, “roughly 14 hours after we voted.”

Image via Soshy Adelstein and Max Brandel

Rosey’s parents were happy they were able to cast their votes right before her arrival. “It is very important to us that we bring our daughter in to a world and country we our proud of,” Brandel said.

Adelstein and Brandel both “voted blue” this election. “More than anything, our values demand that we stop men like Donald Trump from gaining power,” they said.

But overall they hope that their story might help nudge others who are on the fence about voting this year to get out there and exercise their right to cast a ballot. And as for anyone who might judge the couple for their particular political views and votes, “that’s sad,” they said.

No matter which candidate you support, we can all agree that this election year has been a brutal one. But taking part in the election process is the first step towards change, and one you can and should find the time to make today. After all, if a mom in labor can make it a priority, surely we all can.