Woman Seated Next To Creepy Doll On Flight Hilariously Live-Tweets The Experience

by Mike Julianelle
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Image via Twitter

A woman seated next to a creepy-ass doll on a flight let Twitter share in the hilarity — and the horror

Every single one of us has an airplane horror story (or two). Whether a flight had major turbulence, or the cabin was loaded with shrieking babies, or the only movie available was My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, we’ve all had to deal with some unpleasant circumstances while flying. But it’s rare that your flight turns into an actual horror movie.

That’s what happened to Sara Novic on her redeye flight (of course it was a redeye!) a few days ago. Like most of us, she was just hoping for an uneventful trip, and thought she’d actually hit the jackpot when the seat next to her was unoccupied. Until, suddenly, it was occupied. By a terrifying baby doll.

The man at the other end of her row was traveling alone, unless you count the creepy doll he’d brought along with him. Which he clearly did, because my man bought a ticket for it! And put “her” name on it. (Barbara, by the way.) But hey, who knows, maybe it was a gift for his daughter and he was having a laugh. Maybe it was a recommendation from his therapist to help him overcome some kind of trauma. Or maybe it was the reincarnation of an evil witch from the 16th century who was hellbent on summoning the demon Azazel and restoring his malevolent dominion over all mankind for time eternal. We can’t be sure as Sara didn’t ask, probably for fear that Barbara would be the one to answer.

Oh, and heeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Barbara!

I mean, I can’t. Again, we don’t know the circumstances of this man’s life or why he might possibly have purchased an expensive seat for an inanimate (OR IS IT?) object on a cross country flight. But Sara Novic handled it about as well as could be expected: by relaying the details to all of us for our entertainment.

Kudos to her for having the wherewithal to document the incident. Had I been seated next to the bride of Chucky I would have spent the whole time in the bathroom joining the Mile Cry Club. Thankfully, Sara had a connecting flight, and was able to get off the plane unscathed. Except after her two hour layover, when she got on her next flight, who was seated across the aisle from her?

Azazel. I mean: BARBARA!

I think Sara might drive next time. I know I would.

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