Give Me A Screaming Kid Over This Disaster Any Day

by Maria Guido
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Image via Twitter/Jessie Char

Woman tweets about her nightmare flight

Jessie Char boarded a flight this week, and arrived to a sight all travelers hope to see: two empty seats next to her. But her idyllic flight didn’t last long.

She tweeted this image when she boarded the plane:

“My two favorite people to sit with on a plane,” she wrote, next to a photo of the two empty seats. Ditto, and co-sign. This is dreamy.

But it wasn’t long before her dreamy flight plummeted to the depths of hell, thanks to a clueless fellow passenger.

The woman behind her proceeded to remove her shoes and place her feet through the space in between the seats and onto the armrests in front of them — in Char’s previously empty row.

Char’s tone immediately changed. “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare,” she tweeted next.


The story gets worse, if you can believe it. Of course you can, because humans are terrible.

NO. Noooo. This woman not only invaded another row with her bare feet, she opened a window in that row. That she’s not even sitting in. Hold me. I’m weeping for humanity.

“While I was logging onto the airplane Wi-Fi, I saw the left foot stretch over to open the window, and then close it again,” she explained to Today. “I looked to the front and back for the nearest flight attendant and caught someone’s eye, but by the time she reached me the feet discreetly retracted back into the abyss of row 6.” Char also explained that the woman was about the same height as her, roughly 5’3″. So opening and closing the window was not even an easy feat. Why? My god, why?

Was this person raised by a pack of wolves? Who does this? Unfortunately, there are many people who have no decorum when they fly. Which is why it’s so annoying to constantly have to hear the “misbehaving kids” complaint.

You may think I’m comparing apples to oranges here, but I’m not. What is the most common thing people bitch about when they are talking about flying? Being on a plane with a fussy toddler or infant — hands down. Anyone who’s traveled with a child has seen the eye rolls and looks of despair as you make your way down the aisle to your seat. It’s ridiculous. It’s especially ridiculous because some adults like to act like other grown humans aren’t a large percentage of the reason flights suck.

I’m currently visiting family and took a flight with my two kids in tow last week. They happily got in their seats, put their headphones on, and quietly watched Boss Baby for the duration of the flight. The man in front of me (who was in one of those “even more space” rows, by the way) reclined his seat into my damn lap, the minute we took off. The top of his headrest was inches from my face the entire flight. He knew it. I knew it. He didn’t fucking care. He was like, “I paid $30 extra dollars for this legroom and now I’m going to ruin your flight, because if I’m not laying almost flat, I can’t fully engage in the behavior I truly believe this extra $30 is affording me. I’m a giant asshole. Good night.” And he wasn’t even sleeping. I venture to guess it was even harder for him to watch his movie and enjoy his snacks in that prone position.

People… stop being awful. The rest of humanity is begging you.

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